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Partner Program Management
  • Identify and target the right partners to engage
  • Develop campaigns that align your business goals with those of your partners
  • Expert Guidance to help partners engage, select appropriate tactic and execute
  • Integrated end-to-end tracking and visibility and ROI measurement
  • Accelerate time to effective marketing

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Co-op/MDF Fund Management
  • Next generation channel focussed MDF/Co-op Marketing Fund Management system designed solve the multitude of issues experienced by many of today’s programs
  • Fully flexible fund management system supports multiple funds types, currencies and program workflows
  • Simplified user experience designed to reduce effort and improve uptake
  • Total auditability, visibility and tracking ensures you comply with regulations & effective measure ROI

“With the Invixio platform, I am finally able to get control & visibility of my MDF/Co-op dollars...”

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Demand Generation
  • Unleash the full potential of your B2B demand generation with our highly innovative vendor independent approach
  • Expert advice on the best strategy and tactics to achieve your goals
  • Kaizen methodology that drives continuous improvement, reduces costs and allows scalability
  • Integrated Opportunity Management to maximize revenue from leads and ROI measurement

“Invixio helped me scale my Demand Generation...”

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Opportunity Management
  • Opportunity and Pipeline Management system that encourages best practice sales and channel management
  • Uniquely designed to support channel team structures
  • Track results in real time and tie back to marketing activity for true closed loop reporting
  • Coverts more leads into sales

“Invixio ensures that every lead is followed up...”

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Invixio has been architected from the ground up to deal with the core issues facing many channel Co-op / co-marketing programs, and help you maximize the return on your investment.

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